To: Brightwood Architecture

Brightwood Architecture Please Stop Ripping Off The Architecture Community!

Stop telling us you have updated your ARE 5.0 study material when it's the same old Kaplan ARE 4.0 material with no new content.

Stop selling the PcM, PjM and CE study guides because they all contain the same exact chapters. Sell us 1 book, not 3 books with different covers that contain the same exact content.

Brightwood is making a lot of money selling ARE candidates, Firms, and AIA Chapters their "new" ARE 5.0 study materials when it's the same exact 4.0 we already had, with ZERO new content.

This is completely unethical.

Why is this important?

Before I ordered the Brightwood 5.0 Study guides I called them and they told me everything is new when in fact it is exactly the same as my Kaplan 2007 ARE 4.0 content. They gave me a really hard time about getting my money back after I shipped them back their materials.

Many other ARE Candidates, Firms, and AIA are really upset about Brightwood Architecture's ARE 5.0 scam.

Here is my chart outlining how they have turned and reprinted all the ARE 4.0 study materials in 3 different books...

Please sign the petition and share your Brightwood experience as the comment.