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To: Tennessee State Senate, Tennessee State House, Gov. Bill Lee

Bring back Drivers' Education to Tennessee public schools

Bring back Drivers' Education to Tennessee public schools

Support TN House Bill 2443 and TN Senate Bill 2446 and bring back Drivers' Education to Tennessee public school!

Why is this important?

Help students, parents, educators, and concerned citizens across Tennessee bring back Drivers’ Education to public schools.

Many families cannot afford to send their children to a private driver’s education class. As a result, it’s creating a barrier to obtaining a driver’s license, students who are passing the tests are still afraid to drive, and compounding this issue is the fact that rampant “texting and driving” continues to be a source of danger on our roadways. Teen-aged drivers, now more than ever, are in need of driver education and greater awareness of the importance of safe driving habits.

In large cities and rural areas across Tennessee, there are young people who are involved in wrecks because of their lack of driving experience. The impact is higher insurance premiums for the public and more car accidents due to unskilled and inexperienced drivers. Accidents remain a leading cause of death for young adults in the state of Tennessee. Moreover, in 31 states there is a mandate for driver education before a driver license is even issued. This is public safety!

Please sign this petition in support of TN House Bill 2443 & TN Senate Bill 2446 and pass on to 10 friends.


Reasons for signing

  • This class was a great foundation for me and they need this.
  • I signed because I don’t want to attend another student’s funeral again in my teaching career. If we teach the children, we can reach the children.
  • I am a product of the Driver's Education Program. I was highly disappointed to learn by the time my youngest child was at the age to learn, the program was no longer available.


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