To: Henry T. Yang, Chancellor, Mark Massari, UCSB Athletic Director, and Diane O'Brien, UCSB - Deputy Athletics Director, Chief of Staff/SWA

Bring back our coaches

Reinstate UCSB Women's' Water Polo Coaches: Cathy Neushul and Connor Levoff

Why is this important?

My daughter is an incoming freshman to UCSB and has been recruited by Cathy Neushul and Connor Levoff to play women's water polo. These are well-established and well-respected coaches from the Santa Barbara area. They have been coaching high school and younger for years and hold many national girls' water polo titles. They were abruptly, and I believe unfairly, kicked out of their coaching positions with only two weeks before the start of the school year.

Please support them in signing this petition to get them reinstated as head coaches for UCSB Women's Water Polo.

Please encourage everyone that knows and loves water polo to forward this petition and let our voices be heard.


Reasons for signing

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