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To: Wakulla School Board

Bring ClassDojo Back In Wakulla Schools

Teachers were told ClassDojo (and every other app that needs student info) can't be used because it needs student identifiable information. Dojo does ask for a student name. That is it. However, it doesn't have to have the whole name. Class numbers or initials could be used that never identify the child outside of the classroom. Dojo is helpful in the classroom for communication and behavior. Some teachers feel their communication is lacking this year without Dojo. FOCUS was told to be used. It is not working for many teachers and isn't user friendly. It also does not have the automatic reminder feature or all the same behavior point features. Yes, Dojo may ask for a child's name, but in today's world is not using Dojo really going to stop someone from learning a kid's name? More information can be taken from FOCUS or school emails. This has gotten hacked before in Wakulla. By not using Dojo we really aren't fixing anything. It is giving teachers one less thing to help make their lives easier. Teachers do so much and need all the support they can get. Don't take it away. It's essential to many classrooms and families.

Why is this important?

ClassDojo is important for classroom information and tracking behavior (if teacher chooses to use this feature.)

From ClassDojo Website-
We don’t share any of your information or students’ information with advertisers or marketers.
We don’t own anything you add to ClassDojo: you do.
Students’ portfolios are private to the classroom.
We use the latest security best practices to protect you at all times.
We are compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR in Europe.
We will notify you if we make any changes to our practices.



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