To: Kerr Putney, Police Chief and Governor Roy Cooper

Bring Ralayzia Home!

On November 7th, Ralayzia Taylor, a Black trans women was attacked in a hate crime and severely injured, 10 days later she was arrested in Ohio, currently sitting in Hamilton county jail. End the criminalization of Black trans women, bring Rah Rah home and then free her now!

Why is this important?

On Nov. 7th, Ralayzia Sayuri Taylor, a Black Trans Woman, was stabbed in the back 3 times and beaten with a hatchet at 10:30am in Arbor Glen Park in Charlotte. Though she was severely injured, Ralayzia survived and was able to stay with family in Ohio during the first few days of her recovery.
On Nov. 17th, 10 days after surviving physical assault and battery, the CMPD issues warrants for Ralayzia's arrest. She was arrested on charges of statutory sex offense and indecent liberties with a minor based on accusations about the events leading up to her assault. CMPD then labeled her as a fugitive for leaving the state when in reality Ralayzia just needed a safe place away from Charlotte to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.
Currently, Ralayzia is in jail in Cincinnati, Ohio with an extradition charge to Charlotte, meaning the Hamilton County Sherriff"s office will not release her until she is transported back to Charlotte, NC and into CMPD Custody. Ralayzia is locked in a cage in Ohio for daring to survive a hate crime.
Let us Remember:
.) Trans Women of Color who have been locked up after surviving hate crimes, such as CeCe Mcdonald and Merci Chrisette.
.) Before Ralayzia's arrest, HB2 was passed in North Carolina to target and marginalize the trans and gender non-conforming community.
.) Two months ago, CMPD murdered Keith Lamont Scott, murdered Justin Carr, framed Rayquan Borum for the murder of Justin Carr, and now has imprisoned Ralayzia.
Yet another black body for CMPD to exploit, to murder, and to feed to the prison industrial complex.
Ralayzia's arrest is another example of how trans women of color are criminalized and dehumanized. Ralayzia's Trans Womanhood IS NOT A CRIME! Black Trans Women Lives Matter and we must bring our sister home and free her from jail! #RahRahGoneStand #BlackTransWomenlivesmatter #NOJusticeNOPeace