To: the SEC

Bring Secret Corporate Spending Out of the Shadows! (Comment on SEC File Number 4-637)

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) must not condone secret corporate political spending. The SEC has the power to do what so many Americans demand: require public corporations to disclose all political spending.

Put the public disclosure rule back on the SEC 2014 agenda now!

Why is this important?

Senator Elizabeth Warren says that secret corporate political spending is “fundamentally wrong. It undercuts the basic notions of corporate democracy, and ultimately all of democracy.”

Stand with Senator Warren—demand that the SEC require disclosure of secret corporate political spending.

Citizens United opened the door for corporations to inject unlimited money into our politics—but the Supreme Court assumed it would all be disclosed to shareholders and the public! Instead there’s been an explosion of dark money in our elections. Without a disclosure rule from the SEC, corporations can spend entirely behind closed doors.

That’s why a record breaking 660,000 comments have called for the SEC to act to require disclosure of corporate political spending, from investors, public officials, securities experts, and citizens like you. Americans overwhelmingly oppose the rise of secret corporate political spending and understand that the SEC must act now to stop this new threat before even more dark corporate money floods our elections.

However, SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White rejected these appeals and removed the rule from the SEC’s 2014 agenda. She’s getting pressure from powerful business groups who prefer to use shareholder money to exert political power without any accountability.

Stand with Senator Warren and tell the SEC to act on the corporate political disclosure rule now!

It is up to us to let the SEC know we need the corporate political disclosure rule back on their agenda to stop secret corporate political spending.