To: Brittany Smart, District 6 County Council

Brittany Smart: Fix The Noise Pollution In Eden Roc

Stop the Noise Pollution in Eden Roc by lowering the acceptable nighttime decibel levels.

Why is this important?

Eden Roc Subdivision of Mountain View, Hawaii is zoned agricultural land. It has become a highly residential zone with minimal agriculture going on due to heavy rain and lack of soil. Due to the zoning, there is a 70 decibel maximum level for noise, day and night. For day time this may be acceptable but the acceptable night time decibel levels need to be lowered. Everybody has a right to peace and quiet and a good nights sleep. When generators are ran all night long next door to you, not only can you not sleep but it is not an environmentally sound idea when there are other options available and more affordable. Why is this important to you? Because excessive noise is a serious hazard to human health and welfare and if you live on Agricultural Zoned land, you could be the next victim. Let's change this law before YOU have to lose sleep over it.