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To: Members of Congress

Brooklyn: Tell Congress to act now and stop gun violence!

Brooklyn: Tell Congress to act now and stop gun violence!

Dear Members of Congress,

The tragic mass shooting on a busy Brooklyn subway platform filled with commuters has further eroded Americans’ sense of safety and increased fear for our loved ones and our communities. You have no greater responsibility than to keep Americans safe.

You must take action on gun violence now, starting with the small first steps of passing universal background checks on gun sales, and banning insanely lethal assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

Why is this important?

A shooter opened fire on a busy Brooklyn train platform crowded with commuters, injuring ten people, with multiple others hurt by smoke inhalation and in the panic. The shooter is still at large.

Over the last few years, our already-sky-high rates of gun violence in the United States have soared even further, and gun sales are at record highs. There is an unending parade of headlines about the latest mass shooting, and of heart-wrenching stories of students and teachers, of mothers and fathers, of sons and daughters, of family members, who were going about their business when they were killed or injured by guns, their families and communities traumatized forever.

The gun violence must stop. Our elected leaders have no greater responsibility than to keep us safe, and we cannot continue to accept their utter failure to do so.

Tell Congress to take action now.


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