To: Arvind Jay Dixit, Bubblews CEO

Bubblews Non-payment

"We split the ad revenue we make off each post with the author 50/50. You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your posts gather." The problem, many writers who are following the guidelines are not being paid.

Why is this important?

Many ad content writers for the site are not getting paid after receiving this email message from Arvind J. Dixit, "Greetings, Your payment will be sent by xxxday. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!"

Payments are not being made and any further attempts at getting a resolution are ignored. Those people who have complained adamantly, their accounts have been deleted.


Reasons for signing

  • EDtXeT
  • They closed down and never paid me
  • They owe me 200 dollars since November 2014. My emails 0nly generate automated replies.