To: Al Kurtz, Chairman, Champaign County Board

Build Programs, Not Jails

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I urge you to allocate more money from the public safety sales tax for programs that keep people out of jail. It's time we prioritize prevention, not the construction of new jail cells. Please lead our county on this issue and use our tax money more wisely. Thank you.

Why is this important?

We need a change in our criminal justice system. The Board has done a great thing in creating a Community Justice Task Force and funding a needs assessment. Now they need to follow through by reallocating money from the Public Safety Sales Tax and other sources to fund alternatives to incarceration.


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  • Please support this progressive movement.
  • Unless the County Board acts, the crazy train of locking people up without positive result and at great cost will continue. Good public policy requires alternatives be found to incarceration.

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