To: Burger King Board of Directors

Burger King: Don’t Try This Whopper of a Tax Dodge

Burger King benefits enormously from being an American company and should pay its fair share of taxes here in America. Don't even attempt this whopper tax dodge or we will boycott Burger King.

Why is this important?

Burger King is an American company worth more than $9 billion dollars. They're in talks to buy Tim Hortons Inc, Canada's largest coffee-shop chain.

Burger King's sinister plan is to relocate their corporate headquarters to Ontario, Canada, thereby dodging their American taxes in a calculated move called "tax inversion."

Burger King's largest shareholder, a private equity firm called 3G Capital, will win and the American people will lose. Again. Unless we stop them.


Reasons for signing

  • i guess it's McDonalds or bust now.
  • i used to work there. shame on you guys !
  • This does not surprise me. Corporate closes a franchise because they wanted it and 15 months later still nothing. Another location starts and finishes a remodel a year after this one closes and corporate never responses (4 ways and 4 different times), The address is not in the county tax records (they do not respond when I ask why), I contact commissioners about all this (also no contact back). Shady businesses and shady people.