To: President Donald Trump

Buried alive

No non-violent prisoner should be denied the basic right of human contact: visits, letters, phone calls. President Obama should tell the federal prison system that all prisoners are human beings and give Ana Belen Montes these rights.

Why is this important?

This woman never physically harmed anyone, yet she has been condemned to worse conditions than the most brutal mass murderer. She has been literally buried alive in the depths of our prison system, a remote prison for those who are physically or mentally ill, although she had no such illness when she was condemned to remain in prison, totally isolated, until she is 70 years old.


Reasons for signing

  • Por q en mi conciencia y en mi corazón ella es una heroina una mujer pulcra q siguió los designios de su conciencia por encima de su deber y eso es digno de respeto y admiración
  • International conventions on the treatment of prisoners demand these minimum standards. Otherwise we perpetuate injustice.
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