To: Cable News Media

Cable News: Give Us the True Unbiased Information We Need for a Healthy Democracy.

Wrapped up in the hype of their own 24 hour news cycle, many in cable news seem to have lost sight of their essential role in a healthy democracy. They are now the People's primary access to information in order to make intelligent choices. Without access to actual, unbiased, well researched information making wise decisions is challenging if not impossible.

If the media continues to be motivated primarily by advertising dollars without considering the source or intent of that money, Democracy will suffer. Democracy has been the most successful form of government in history for a reason, it must be preserved.

The stories that Cable News chooses to run create and support a narrative. That narrative, whether it be fear or hope, colors the outlook and perspective of the American people. Especially if it is repeated, relentlessly, and amplified. Using fear for political gain, or for ratings, causes damage. As an emotion, fear intrinsically decreases productivity in a company, and in a country. This is but one logical reason among many for a change in the way things are done.

Since Democracy doesn't have a voice of its own, this petition will help create one. Please sign this petition and pass it on, claim your voice in the conversation and demand rational discourse in the media.

Why is this important?

Journalism plays a vital role in Democracy. Any leader will make bad decisions if unable to access good information. In a Democracy, the people lead. The news has a responsibility to the people first, not their profit margin.