To: Bob Thorn, VP of California University of Pennsylvania

Cal Boro Cops: Unjust Actions

Stop the unjust actions that the Cal Boro cops have done.

Why is this important?

I have started this petition to bring to light all of the unnecessary actions that the Cal boro cops have taken towards "US" the students; from beating and tazing students multiple times, to handing out fines like candy. A situation happened on 3/6/12 when a student was tazed four times and was also beaten. When a fellow student tried to record a cop quickly shot one last tazer before anyone could begin a recording. This is not the first incident of this situation and it wont be the last until someone speaks up. I myself have been unjustly treated. I felt that I was just only one person who couldn't do a thing; but I learned it only takes one

"If one can chase 1,000 to flight, then two can put 10,000 to flight"

I would like for those of you who feel strongly about this to sign and even give a brief description of your own experience if your willing to share. Once I have enough I will send the petition to VP Bob Thorn. He has already been notified and he is down for the cause, BUT he states that we need more people to speak up if you want something to be done of the situation.