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To: 76th Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath

California can lead the nation in healthcare justice by passing AB1400

California can lead the nation in healthcare justice by passing AB1400

Dear Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath,

According to the Commonwealth Fund, a group studying healthcare delivery in 11 high-income nations, the United States, the only country in the group without universal health coverage, has ranked at the bottom each year since the study began in 2004. David Blumenthal, president of the Commonwealth Fund, sums it up: "In no other country does income inequality so profoundly limit access to care as it does here. Far too many people cannot afford the care they need and far too many are uninsured, especially compared to other wealthy nations." The US system does not provide adequate healthcare protection, especially for the uninsured and underinsured, who are forced to skip care and medications or become burdened with medical debt.

In our current system, consumers suffer from the inefficiency and costs of the for-profit health insurance industry that adds no value to healthcare delivery, and we continue to pay the highest costs for prescription drugs of all high-income countries due to a lack of limits set on pricing of the pharmaceutical industry. Consequently, we urge you to support AB1400, CalCare, Guaranteed Healthcare for All, as it will address these issues, cost less, cover everyone, and deliver high-quality healthcare and improve the quality of life of all Californians.

Why is this important?

CalCare, AB1400, is supported by The Physicians for a National Health Program, who rely on gold-standard evidence-based data published in peer-reviewed journals to show that it will cover more, for less, with better health outcomes: CalCare is also supported by the respected California Nurses Association (, and the California Teachers Association. Likewise, a systematic review in PLOS Medicine of 22 studies over a 30-year period show single-payer healthcare to reduce costs, cover everyone, and provide more comprehensive coverage than private health insurance:

But perhaps more importantly, we all know family, friends, and neighbors who are unnecessarily stressed by rising medical costs, medical debt, bankruptcy, insufficient medical coverage or no coverage at all.

Therefore, we the undersigned respectfully call on you to support AB1400, CalCare, Guaranteed Healthcare for All, as it will strengthen our school budgets, help businesses, both small and large, cut rising employee healthcare costs, save thousands of dollars yearly to families and individuals, and provide a more just and compassionate healthcare system for all Californians.

How it will be delivered

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