To: The California State House

California Judiciary Committee: No on Assembly Bill 1513!

AB 1513 in California would allow local police to evict foreclosure and rental tenants without due process and bypass 30 day notice eviction laws.

Why is this important?

AB 1513- a proposed bill that would change the way evictions happen in the state of California, making it faster and easier for landowners to remove residents from our homes.
AB 1513 allows property owners to initiate an extrajudicial eviction of
residential property by submitting a written declaration to law
enforcement. Under current law a property owner has the ability to request
removal of trespassers pursuant to Penal Code section 602(o), and law
enforcement has the discretion to determine if probable cause exists to remove such occupants. Property owners would no longer have to take people to court or give meaningful notice to have us removed from our houses. This law is extremely unconstitutional and anti-tenants rights! There is no need for this law because current trespass laws provide
adequate protection to property owners! The bill goes up for a vote by the Judiciary committee April 29th!


Reasons for signing

  • Yes. Please see this petition also -
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  • Sinse 11/22/15 upon retuning home after a 6 week hospial stay, I have been harrased, threatea retned and emotionaly abused by a squatter discovered in my home. I am very ill & forced to put up with it Where is the justice for people like myself too ill to leave their own home?