To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

California: Make Education Funding Happen!

I support funding for education in California. California has done enough cuts to education and I believe that we must secure our future by making sure that education funding is a top priority for California.

Why is this important?

California is considering more drastic cuts to education. This state is already one of the lowest when it comes funding. We can not afford to lose any more and take even deeper cuts.


Reasons for signing

  • Cut$ Hurt Kids!!!!
  • The public school system in California lets tens of thousands of students fall through the cracks every year and it needs to stop!!!
  • I have grandchildren in CA. schools, they love school. They have already been 'condensed' from other schools to an overcrowded one. My grandson cried when we drove past his old school and said 'he had good times there and missed his teacher'. Without education we will be nothing. Lets make education a priority again!!