To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Call for resignation of Speaker John Boehner

We, the undersigned, have lost confidence in the ability of Speaker of the House John Boehner to carry out his duties to the citizens of the United States due to an apparent conflict of interest and his inability to conduct his caucus through legislative compromise. His conflict of interest is manifested in his party's stated agenda to make sure our president is a one-term president rather than to do the people's work.

His disdain and disrespect for our duly elected president is unacceptable; his inability to halt the gridlock initiated by his party is bringing our government to halt and keeping millions of Americans unemployed.

His refusal to honor our president's call to address a joint session of Congress is unprecedented, disrespectful, and outrageous.

For these reasons, we feel that the speaker is either unable or unwilling to carry out his sworn duties and should step down.

Why is this important?

Speaker John Boehner's historic denial of a joint session of Congress to the president piles outrage upon outrage. To politically embarrass a sitting president for purely partisan political reasons is unbecoming any legislator, let alone one in Mr. Boehner's position.

Boehner's inability to reason with and manage an already oppositional Republican caucus has led to a virtual shut-down of efforts to restore our economy and put 30,000,000 unemployed Americans back to work.

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