To: Ed Lee, Mayor, Michael Antonini, San Francisco Planning Commissioner, and Human Rights Commissioner


Mayor Ed Lee
Commissioner Michael Antonini
San Francisco Human Rights Commission

San Francisco Planning Commissioner Michael Antonini has made his position of the Latino community and communities of color very clear in an email he sent to close friends.

He believes Latinos and other working class communities cause a neighborhood to be "low income" and full of "illegal criminal activities". He also believes San Francisco needs businesses that attract a different type of people than those that currently live here, people that are more "reasonable and independent."

Our communities are tired of the covert xenophobic rhetoric that is palpable in the discussions of ethnic and working class communities. We are intelligent, we are successful, we are a community.

Just this week the San Francisco budget and legislative analyst office published a report stating that we will lose an additional 17% of the latino population within 10 years, after already losing 8,000 latinos in the past 10 years. It is unconscionable that commissioner Antonini suggests our communities are "economically depressed, unsafe, dirty areas of San Francisco to which few would travel to shop, dine and -much less-live. The population of the neighborhoods have changed dramatically." This statement fails to recognize the crisis our communities face and effectively supports displacement of our communities as a needed "change."

The Mission Statement of the San Francisco Planning Commission states that "The SF Planning Department, under the direction of the Planning Commission, [is entrusted with] preserving [San Francisco's] unique heritage." The Commission also presents a statement of Values, which include, "Fairness: We provide a fair, objective and equitable process."

Mr. Antonini's comments are abhorrent and intolerant, unfit for a commissioner of the San Francisco Planning Commission, one of the most powerful bodies in San Francisco. His email sheds light on his inability to duly serve as an impartial and effective commissioner that is responsible for preserving San Francisco's unique heritage and providing an objective and equitable process.

Members of the San Francisco community demand that Mr. Antonini resign, effective immediately, or be removed due to misconduct.

- People Of San Francisco

Article and link to email here:

Why is this important?

This petition was started because San Francisco deserves better from its public servants, especially those that serve on bodies that influence our city in such a powerful way.


Reasons for signing

  • This guy must go!
  • Antonini is corrupt.
  • that guy has a tin ear around the real issues of a prosperous, healthy city.

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