To: President Donald Trump

Call upon President Trump to stop destabilizing the Affordable Care Act.

End the political games and state clearly that the government will continue to provide ACA cost-sharing subsidies to help keep out-of-pocket healthcare costs manageable.

Why is this important?

From his first days in office, Trump has worked to sabotage the ACA. At the start of his presidency, Trump signed an executive order weakening the individual mandate that is central to functioning ACA marketplaces. Now that the Senate rejected his repeal plan, he is looking to punish the most vulnerable Americans by ending ACA cost-sharing subsidies. These subsidies are not, as the president likes to say, insurance bailouts. They provide vital assistance to people at or near the poverty level, allowing them to afford out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles. And the uncertainty about whether the subsidies are going to continue from month to month is clearly contributing to the destabilization of the insurance markets. This needs to end. People must understand that ending the subsidies would make health insurance unaffordable for millions of low-income Americans.