To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Congress: Require ALL U.S. Political Candidates to Provide Their Full Birth Record

Singled out by Donald Trump and the birthers, President Obama was the first president hounded to provide his original LONG FORM birth certificate. All candidates should be required to do the same. Let's make it the law of the land that the 2016 candidates provide their long form birth record with date, exact time, and place of their birth NOW.

Why is this important?

Historically, precise birth data of world leaders has always been recorded and available to the public. In monarchies, the moment of birth of any heir to a throne is (to this very day) formally announced and published by the nation of his/her birth. The births of many early U.S. presidents were recorded in family bibles. But in recent years, knowing the value of precise birth times (to astrologers in particular), many candidates have guarded that information. We believe that this information should, going forward, ALWAYS be public.

In 2008 -- continuing well into his presidency, and despite publishing his long form Hawaiian birth certificate -- President Obama has been continuously harassed by unfounded charges that he was not born in the USA. This, while Ted Cruz and John McCain were born in Canada and Panama respectively. Long form birth certificates routinely state the date, precise time and place of birth.

We have never seen Hillary Clinton's birth record nor that of Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders, so clearly this is a non-partisan issue. Let's insist that all candidates be treated equally and be required to provide this important document to the American public.


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  • Great idea! Will advance the study of astrology and may even help our country's leaders make better choices.
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