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Camp Easton Forever

Please sign the petition to keep Camp Easton at its current location

Why is this important?

To all Scouts, Cubs, Leaders and Parents,

The Inland Northwest Council is evaluating a sale of Boy Scout Camp Easton on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Discovery Land (Gozzer Ranch) is proposing to swap the current Camp Easton site for a location in Windy Bay so that it can develop the existing Camp Easton grounds

For reasons listed below we think that the sale of the camp is not in the best interest of Scouts. Fortunately there is something we can do to help impact the Council’s decision – let them know where we stand!!

We need every Cub, Boy Scout, Parent and Leader to write the Scout office.

Less than half of the voting members have attended the public input sessions and the council will not provide contact information for the 57 voting board members. Your only way to make an impact and be heard is to write to the Scout office and ask that they forward your mail to the executive committee. Please take the time to write a letter stating your opinion about the sale to:

BSA Executive Board,
411 W Boy Scout Way,
Spokane, WA 99201

A simple postcard or handwritten note can make a huge impact.

In your letter please state your position about the proposed sale, ask that the board meeting at which the sale is discussed be open to the public and let the council know if you would be willing to help with making repairs/donations to the current camp location.

Please forward this information to others that would be interested in the outcome of Camp Easton.

We feel strongly about this issue for the following reasons:

- Camp Easton is the premier waterfront camp in the Northwest; it was donated to Scouts over 82 years ago and is extremely popular. The camp has been booked full since 2007 and is already fully reserved for 2012. Over 1600 scouts and leaders use the camp each summer. We obviously have a successful program at the current location. There are many scout camps in this country that just plain don't work. When one has a scout camp that is full with a waiting list why make such a radical change??

- Camp Easton is the premier waterfront camp in the Northwest due to topography and waterfront, which sets it apart from just a Scout camp on the water. There is no comparison between the current sheltered 60 ft sandy beach and a 30 ft rocky basalt beach on Windy Bay - a bay which has earned its name!!

- The proposed site for a new camp is located on the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Reservation. The Tribe will be able to set the rules regarding fishing, boat usage and docks. The Tribe also retains its right to have members hunt on the proposed camp land. Since Scouting is not a member of the Tribe, we will have no representation in the Tribal government that will make the laws concerning camp usage.

- Granted, there are problems that need fixing at Camp Easton, but they can be fixed. The council claims they have put significant effort into fundraising; however, as mentioned in the public meetings, the fundraising has not been for specific causes rather just a “chunk” of money for the camp. It is clear from the meetings that once the liabilities are noted, estimated and prioritized, that individuals and contractors will come forward to remedy.

We ask that our Leaders, Parents, Scouts and Cubs take time to write now, “Keep Camp Easton”. If you have sons or acquaintances that have camped at Camp Easton in the past, please contact and ask them to respond as well.


Camp Easton Forever!


Reasons for signing

  • To be a camp for boys. The last part of the statement made by the donor. National Council of Boy Scouts, you are not acting according to the Scout Oath. I will teach my son's better!
  • Please help us save Camp Easton. I went to the camp for the first time this fall with my son and it was a great experience.
  • Keep the boys scouts where they are. It is a great location for them. We enjoy having them around . very good neighbors and it is best for the lake that way