To: The United States Patent and Trademark Office, Chief Communication Officer

Cancel Faleena Hopkins "Cocky" Trademark

Victory! The creator of this petition declared the campaign a success. You can still sign the petition to show support.

Let the trademark office and author Faleena Hopkins know that writers, and those who support writers, will not stand for this kind of ignorance and control over others' books.

Why is this important?

Update: an attorney has filed to have the trademark(s) cancelled.

Keep standing together writers!!!!!

While the trademarking of this word doesn't affect me personally, it is going to affect thousands of titles in the current market. It's wrong on so many levels for one author to be allowed to trademark a word that's been used since the Victorian era.

Writers, sign the petition, contact the lawyers agreeing to help and the organizations agreeing to help (Carol Ritter from RWA), and stand up to this woman.

You shouldn't have to change your book title. No one should.