To: Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York and The Catholic Bishops of America

Cardinal Dolan: Get your politics out of women's bedrooms.

Stop butting into women's health issues under the pretext of religion. Admit that the Bishops have asked for universal health care. Advocate for that as vociferously!

Why is this important?

Cardinal Dolan demands that Catholic employers should not have to cover birth control in health care coverage they provide. The issue was settled for Catholics in June of 1967(1). It is not a moral concern for them. But, he and the Catholic Bishops of America neglect that their documents call for universal health care coverage. Where is their demand for that?

(1) Tension, Morality, and Birth Control [Journal] / auth. Peter Chirico S.S. //
Theological Studies. - [s.l.] : Theological Studies, Inc. (Georgetown University),
June 1967. - No. 2 : Vol. 28. - pp. 258-285.