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To: Sen Jeff Merkley

Certify and license Dog Trainers

Certify and license  Dog Trainers

Too many cases of animal abuse in the name of "dog training". There must be certification and ramifications. Video after video surfacing and yet no repercussions for the people responsible.

Why is this important?

Too many cases are surfacing and animal control can't do anything unless there are visible signs of abuse. Visible abuse isnt always present. Sometimes the worst abuse is done mentally and under the guise of training. Even though there are certifications for trainers (CCPDT) people don't legally have to have those certifications to set up shop as a trainer. And the organizations giving those certifications don't police people who have earned them...The onus is on pet owners to do research before entrusting their pets to any trainer. WE MUST be able to stop bad trainers

How it will be delivered

In person if needed!



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