To: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, and Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

#ChallengeModi to Take a Stand for LGBTQ Indians

Facebook, Apple, Google — when you meet Indian Prime Minister Modi, challenge him to lead the repeal of Section 377, the homophobic law imposed on India by British colonizers

Why is this important?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Silicon Valley on September 26-27. Previously banned from the U.S. for complicity with genocide, he will meet with leaders at Apple, Google, and Facebook — three companies that have been leaders in supporting their LGBTQ employees.

LGBTQ Indian activists are demanding the repeal of Section 377 of India’s Penal Code, which effectively criminalizes LGBTQ people by outlawing sexual acts that are “against the order of nature.” Imposed on India by British colonizers, 377 puts millions of LGBTQ Indians in harm’s way, as it’s been used as an excuse for harassment, blackmail, extortion, and physical and sexual abuse, multiplying existing inequalities based on caste, class, and gender.

Modi has refused to take any stance on the law, even though leaders from every other major party have spoken out against it. Modi and his party have the legislative power to initiate concrete action to decriminalize millions of LGBTQ Indians.

Will Silicon Valley seize the opportunity to set an example and stick up for 50 million LGBTQ Indians?

—Queers for Justice in India