To: Chancellor Carmen Fariña, Chancellor of New York City Public Schools

Chancellor Fariña, lower the stakes around testing for teachers and families in NYC!

Remove student test scores as a factor in teacher evaluations and school admissions.
In Fariña's short time on the job, she has ended promotion tied solely to test scores and eliminated school report cards based primarily on tests scores.
However, there are two critical areas in which state testing continues to deform and distort our children's education.

Chancellor Fariña, we implore you to:
1. Direct all middle schools and high schools to eliminate the results of state standardized tests from their admissions criteria.
2. Fight at the state level to eliminate test scores as a measure of teachers' effectiveness.

Why is this important?

This petition was started by parents at PS 29 in Brooklyn. We join with public school parents across the city to ask Chancellor Fariña to stand up and lead the transformation of the New York City public school system into a model of equity, fairness, and innovation. As a legendary educator, Fariña knows that teachers are equipped with student work and assessments, which, in comparison to a flat test score, can provide far more accurate and comprehensive information with which to gauge students' qualifications for school admissions. She also knows that volumes of evidence prove that using test scores is an ineffective way of measuring teachers' competence.


Reasons for signing

  • You've done such great work so far! Keep it up!
  • I'm not against testing, as a concept. I am against a single test that carries so much weight and has been proven to be ineffective at gauging a child's knowledge or a teachers efficacy.
  • You and BDB have done damage in D6. Try to change your legacy before it's too late. You call yourself an educator? I can't endure 3 more years.

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