To: Region 19 Board of Education

Change EO Smith High School's Start Time

We the undersigned propose that Region 19 move EO Smith High School's start time to no earlier than 8 AM.

Why is this important?

Nearly two decades of scientific research has shown that adolescent sleep patterns vary greatly from those of both adults and younger children. Yet in an effort to save money school districts all over the country have start times that are hazardous for adolescents' health. Evidence has shown that a lack of adequate sleep can put adolescents at risk for a host of physical and mental health issues. Organizations such as Start School Later have been advocating for later high school and middle school start times. As the parent of a high school student and a professor in a School of Education, I believe it is time for Region 19 to heed the evidence and start school later for the health and well-being of all teenagers.