To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Change Medicare Part D

The bulk of expense to Medicare is prescription drugs.Tell the President and Congress to change it.

When Medicare prescription drug plan D was being debated and voted on in Congress in late 2003, the cost was estimated, $395 billion over the next decade. The cost now is of $724 billion.

Part D, wastes billions of tax dollars and fails to provide affordable prescription drugs to Medicare beneficiaries on fixed incomes, while providing windfall profits to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Part D forces Medicare beneficiaries into private insurance plans,

The Veterans Health Administration negotiates directly with drug manufacturers to purchase drugs in large bulk amounts. Medicare could purchase in bulk as leverage to negotiate prescription drug prices, like the VA.

Part D prohibits the federal government from using the bulk buying power of Medicare beneficiaries to negotiate lower drug prices on behalf of the 47 million Americans with Medicare.

Many patients are purchasing drugs manufactured in the US and re imported from Canada and Mexico. A doctor’s prescription is necessary. Canadian pharmacies have web sites and purchases can be made online. Drugs will be mailed to purchasers. Savings are 40% to 50%.

Perhaps Medicare prescription drug plan could use re imported drugs.

Why is this important?

Finding a less expensive cost for Medicare prescription drugs