To: The Howard County Board of Education

Changing Howard County, MD's School Start Times to 8:00 AM or Later.

We respectfully request our school board to officially recognize the large and compelling body of research regarding teen sleep and academic achievement, and, with a resolution, to set a goal to start all schools in Howard County, MD, after 8:00 AM.

Why is this important?

When teens get the required 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep:

• School attendance goes up,
• Tardiness decreases,
• They sleep less in class,
• They get in fewer traffic accidents,
• Visit nurses and counselors less often, and,
• Report less depression and irritability.

Starting school before 8:00 AM, without a doubt, undermines optimal academic achievement.


Reasons for signing

  • Kids need their sleep!
  • Kids need more sleep.
  • The research is here; when teens sleep greatly affects how much they can sleep well. It's biology, it's a huge component of teen health, physical and mental, it's a matter of academic performance, and it's a matter of public safety. We can adapt. It matters.

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