To: Nikki Haley, Governor, Daniel E Johnson, Richland County Solicitor, and School Board, Richland County, SC

Charge Deputy Ben Fields with Assault!

Deputy Ben Fields of the Richland County police department body slammed a teenage girl in front of her classmates for refusing to leave class, while classmates looked on in horror and the teacher did nothing.

Arrest Deputy Fields and charge him with assault!
Fire the teacher for failing to protect his students!
Stop using police to solve simple discipline matters!
Community control over police!

Why is this important?

Deputy Ben Fields of the Richland, SC police department is seen on video body slamming a teenage girl for refusing to leave class. This happened in school and in front of other students and the teacher. Turns out, Deputy Fields has a reputation for brutality towards students in Spring Valley High.

Criminalizing the behavior of Black students in school does not help them or the school. This is not just about a bad apple, but a bad way of thinking about an entire segment of this society.

We must stop the school-to-prison pipeline by ending the use of police to solve normal childhood behavioral issues.