To: John Watson, CEO, Chevron

Chevron, Pizza Coupons to Apologize for a Well Explosion? Really?

We, the undersigned, are calling on John Watson to apologize for giving neighbors of a gas well that exploded In Greene County, Pennsylvania coupons for a free pizza and two-liter bottle of soda. One man died, and another was injured. A tragedy occurred. A coupon for pizza and soda to make up for that is an insult.

Why is this important?

Update: Since this petition was launched, the remains of the missing worker have been discovered. The system doesn't allow for changes to the body of the petition people have already signed, but I wanted to share this sad news with you.

Chevron owes the neighbors of the well that exploded in Greene County. Pennsylvania an apology, a real apology. Read all about Chevron's free pizza giveaway below (and see a photo of the letter and coupon). And stay tuned for more information about a call-in day!