To: The Minnesota State House, The Minnesota State Senate, and Governor Tim Walz

Children's Civil, Human, and Constitutional Rights

Resolution (Category of Civil, Human and Constitutional Rights)

In the spirit of a) enlightened self-interest and b) in order to form a more perfect union, we the people of Minnesota declare that all children have an equal right to preventative health care (the right to see a doctor before they are sick) including prenatal care and to quality early learning (pre-K) programs. Through the implementation of this policy, access to health care and early learning will cease to be a privilege and Minnesota will lead the nation in restoring access to equal opportunity, the American Dream.

Enlightened Self Interest

The economic benefits of early childhood learning investments have been revealed by Minneapolis Federal Reserve economists Art Rolnick and Rob Gruenwald, in their research study, Early Education’s Big Dividends. Their analysis finds a conservative 16% real annual return, the highest of any public sector investment. At 16%, money doubles in 4 ½ years. Therefore an investment in pre-kindergarten will convert a $1 investment into a real return of $16 in 18 years.

To Form a More Perfect Union

Establishing access to preventative health care and to quality early childhood education as a right to all children is the way to providing all citizens equal opportunity, the American Dream. The only way this will happen is for government, with informed consent of the people, to provide these investments in our nation’s human capital. Thus it is the key to moving our society to a “more perfect union”. Any political party that supports the American Dream must also support the public investments in providing all children with these fundamental rights.

Why is this important?

As volunteer guardian ad-Litems working with some of the 6 million children reported to child protection in the U.S. each year, we believe that promising children the basic rights of safety and health care will solve our nations problems with violence, crime, education, and public safety and make life better for all of us (and it is the right thing to do).