To: Nestle's Corporation and Paul Buicke, CEO

Chocolate Slavery in the Ivory Coast

Most chocolate companies are involved in buying from cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast who use children they steal and enslave to gather the cocoa beans. There was a protocol signed in 2001 stating that all the major International companies would promise to end slavery by 2008. That has NOT occurred. Child trafficking and slavery still continue to this day. We demand Nestle as a world leader in chocolate to implement the 2001 protocol they signed and stop buying beans from slave plantations.

Why is this important?

Recently I viewed THE DARK SIDE OF CHOCOLATE on YouTube. I became educated about this horrifying issue and I feel compelled to do something about it. I was informed that boycotting would not help as it doesn't affect the corporations but rather the plantation owner. By a decrease in demand for chocolate it may trigger even more slavery use in order for the cocoa farmer to cut costs. This is why we must insist on Chocolate corporations to change and stop this crime once and for all.