To: Juliana Stratton, Iris Martinez, Jayne Mazzotti, Carol Ronen, and Karen Yarbrough

Choose Rep. Litesa Wallace as Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois

In the wake of the resignation of Tim Mapes as Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois, we need a replacement who not only has strong executive skills, but who has "experienced firsthand the pervasive culture of unchecked sexual harassment that disempowers and silences women, especially women of color."*

We need someone who has lived and worked for years knowing that the "Consequences for sexual harassment are few and far between in Springfield. But the political consequences for speaking out are almost guaranteed."* Having someone who has experienced both the harassment and the retribution for speaking out would be ideal.

We need someone who can unite the disparate wings of the party. Someone who inspires. Someone who reflects our commitment to a strong statewide party and a better future for all.

We know that person is Representative Litesa Wallace. We urge you to select Rep. Wallace to be the next Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

Why is this important?

This week Tim Mapes resigned as Executive Director of DPI at the request of DPI Chair Michael J. Madigan. A member of Madigan's staff accused Mapes of making inappropriate remarks to her and of ignoring complaints of sexual harassment by lawmakers and others that were brought to his attention by House staffers. This is the latest in a long string of harassment, intimidation, and cover-up allegations made against DPI staff and ILGA members. Wholesale change in leadership is necessary to transform this toxic culture.

Rep. Wallace is an advocate for working families and is not part of the Chicago political machine. She’ll lead the way in helping to restore the trust of DPI staff, local party members, and the general public. She’s a therapist and educator by profession who currently represents Illinois’ 67th legislative district. She served as a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the DNC in 2016 and helped the Biss/Wallace ticket earn the support of Bernie Sanders supporters across the state and the endorsement of Our Revolution. She is committed to a strong statewide party and a better future for all.

Other committee members who will vote on the final decision are the State Central Committeewomen - Michelle Harris, Robin Kelley, Silvana Tabares, Cynthia Santos, Nancy Shepherdson, Cristina Castro, Lauren Beth Gash, Julia Kennedy Beckman, Kathy West, Jayne Mazzotti, Kristina Zahorik, Vivian Robinson, Christine Benson, Kate Jennings, and Shirley McCombs. The full list of SCC members is here -

* "Rep. Litesa Wallace Details Sexual Harassment of Black Women in Government" Teen Vogue 11/17/2017;