To: President Donald Trump

CIA Violations and Assurance of the Bill of Universal Human Rights for ALL.

It is time for Human Rights on a Global Scale. The Bill of Universal Human Rights is International Law. Time to enforce the law.
This Bill signed by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1947 ... her wisdom borne of WWII for a humanity at peace ... time to complete her work and be true to ourselves. We are people of Justice ruled by law or we are
not true to our Founders.
Universal Human Rights the foundation of a world without war and the Age of Peace.

Why is this important?

The CIA investigation reveals violation of human rights on a grand scale done by my government the United States of America in my name.
My government signed the international treaty banning torture, the most egregious of violations of basic human rights. A great sin.
To make amends to humanity, a petition for my government to embrace a stance toward humanity based on reconciliation and a doctrine of peace grounded in the Bill of Universal Human Rights.
With basic human rights assured torture and war can be removed from the face of the earth.
Please lend your signature to the petition to assure all of the rights within the Universal Bill of Human Rights, everyone everywhere.
Help me set the record straight. We are a Just people and want to be on the right side of history.
Two million signatures to our elected officials, a good number to get things moving ...