To: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, The New York State House, The New York State Senate, and Governor Andrew Cuomo

Citizens Demand To Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

We, residents of the Hudson Valley and the metropolitan New York and New Jersey areas, are demanding that the licensing renewals for the Indian Point nuclear power plant for 2013 and 2015 be denied, and that the plant is closed down as soon as possible. Studies have shown that with upgrades in the New York State power grid, with energy efficiency and conservation measures, and investment in renewable sources, Indian Point's capacity can be replaced with minimal cost to consumers.

Why is this important?

Twenty million people live within fifty miles of Indian Point, and the risks are very real:

1. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) told Americans living 50 miles from Fukushima to evacuate, yet Indian Point has an inadequate evacuation plan of only 10 miles.

2. Indian Point is located near a fault line. In the event of an earthquake of a possible magnitude of 7, Indian Point is totally vulnerable.

3. Indian Point operates without an approved fire prevention plan and has been exempted from countless safety rules.

4. Indian Point lacks an adequate protection plan in a world of real terrorist threats.

5. Indian Point does not have a plan to repay the potential loss of lives, homes, livelihood, and irreparable damage to drinking water and the environment for the residents of the historic Hudson Valley.

Replaceable energy is not worth the enormous safety risk that Indian Point poses.

Please, sign the petition to close Indian Point today!


Reasons for signing

  • Close this and all nukes and coal plants too. Switch to a provider with a wind or solar option. Will help to shut these plants down.
  • Help those that work there transition to new jobs in the area to keep their tax revenue. Republicans are using this as a political tool and many are going to support (R) and there archaic agenda. At least make plan to allow workers there to maintain their positions while plant is being torn down.
  • The green new deal that Jill Stein has been promoting

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