To: Byron W. Brown, Mayor, City of Buffalo, Darius G. Pridgen, President, Buffalo Common Council, Richard A. Fontana, Lovejoy District Common Council Member, David A. Franczyk, Fillmore District Common Council Member, Joseph Golombek, Jr., N...

City of Buffalo Resolution To Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Heritage Day

Several major cities in America have been successful in changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day to celebrate and recognize Indigenous People and to reflect upon the ongoing struggles of Indigenous people on this land, and to celebrate the thriving cultures and value that Indigenous nations add to our city.

Be It Further Resolved, the City of Buffalo encourages other businesses, organizations and public entities to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day.

Why is this important?

The City of Buffalo has a strong history of American Indian culture. It is time for the city to reflect and honor that tradition in order to progress, recognize and celebrate the history of Indigenous People. International Day of the World's Indigenous People already exists in August, first commemorated by the U.N. This petition is for the abolition of Christopher Columbus Day, the 2nd Monday in October, an outdated and historically incorrect celebration, in favor of Indigenous Heritage Day.

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