To: Burbank City Council, Drew Sugars, Public Information Officer, Ron Davis, City Manager, and Jess Talamantes, Mayor

City of Burbank Facebook Transparency

Change the name and membership policy of Mayor Talamantes' closed 'City of Burbank' Facebook group.

Why is this important?

The mayor of Burbank, CA has created a members-only Facebook Group, named 'City of Burbank', to be "a virtual community forum that promotes open communication between residents, provides community news/updates and ultimately establishes one more avenue of bringing our community closer!" Membership is granted at the discretion of the mayor, yet many residents' requests to join remain ignored. Posts with dissenting viewpoints are deleted without warning. Concerned residents urge the Burbank City Council and Staff to uphold transparency and fairness by officially directing the 'City of Burbank' Facebook group administrators to change the group name and description to reflect its unofficial status, or state the membership policies and refrain from political censorship so that all citizens of Burbank can participate.