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To: Thurston County Commissioners


Black Lake is the largest lake in Thurston County; and overlies the strategic groundwater reservation for the State Capitol and 16 Critical Area Recharge Areas that supply drinking water to Tumwater and Olympia.

The Black Lake ecosystem, which is connected to Budd Inlet and the Chehalis River, provides critical habitat for threatened and endangered species and is in danger of further decline.

The 2015 Thurston Regional Planning Council study “Guiding Growth, Healthy Watersheds” found that water quality in Black Lake is steadily deteriorating from increased development pressures, stormwater runoff pollution and failing septic systems around the Lake. Recent reports from environmental consultants confirm this finding.

The Black Lake Special District, which was improperly created as a Flood Control District on a lake that does not flood, has used its authority to manage weeds and algae through the use of toxic chemicals primarily for the enjoyment of boating on the lake and without consideration for the long-term effects on fish, wildlife and the drinking water resources noted above, and lacks the expertise, or authority to address the root causes of the deteriorating water quality.

Therefore, we the undersigned citizens of Thurston County ask that the Black Lake Special District be dissolved and a Lakes Management District be established by the County to protect and restore the ecosystem of Black Lake.

Why is this important?

Black Lake's Kenneydell Beach has already experienced a temporary closure due to levels of fecal coliform bacteria 5x above safe levels. The County has been aware that stormwater runoff and failing septics have been degrading the water in the Lake for years, but still has done nothing to address these root causes. The County does not test beyond Kenneydell Beach and there has never been an environmental review of the entire Lake ecosystem which connects to the strategic groundwater reservation, Puget Sound and the Black River. If you're concerned about the deterioration of our water resources and natural areas, please urge the County Commissioners to take charge and take action.

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