To: The Delaware State House and The Delaware State Senate

Clean Water: Delaware's Clear Choice

Clean Water provides safe and dependable drinking water, locally sourced food, and recreational opportunities critical to Delaware’s tourism and economy. Much of the state’s waterways is polluted due to failing infrastructure, runoff, and contamination from chemicals. Funding for Clean Water should go to:
• Remove toxics & chemicals from our streams and rivers
• Repair and update wastewater & drinking water treatment plants
• Reduce community flooding & increase storm resilience
• Support sustainable conservation/agricultural practices
• Protect and restore critical natural resources like wetlands & forests

Why is this important?

The Clean Water Campaign is a statewide effort to educate outdoor enthusiasts about Delaware’s water quality and to secure support for dedicated funding because clean water is critical to our economy, environment, wildlife, food source, and public health.


Reasons for signing

  • People who live in Delaware should be able to expect local, state and federal services and funds be put into place to plan for continued flooding and pollution problems to ensure continued quality of life for all residents and vacationers.
  • We cannot let HB 270 remain tabled. We need to write, email, call or whatever to get the attention of all our politicians at all levels Federal, State , County and Town/City. Without clean drinking water there is no quality to our lives and eventually -No Life!
  • The Mid-Atlantic Youth Anglers & Outdoors Program is happy to sign the petition and to be a part of the Clean Water Alliance as clean water is essential to the health of the communities we serve. Delaware is also at the apex of the best fisheries in the 5-state region and we're fortunate to be connected to the DE Nature Society and the great organizations serving DE and the region!