To: Governor Jay Inslee

Clemency for Aaron Borrero

Dear Governor Gregoire,

Please grant clemency to Aaron Borrero as was recommended by your own Clemency and Pardons Board in an unanimous decision. Even the victim in his case supports his clemency petition. Washington State taxpayers can't afford to keep him any longer.

Thank you.

Why is this important?

On September 11, 2009 Aaron Borrero received a unanimous recommendation for clemency from the Washington State Clemency and Pardons Board. The victim in his case supports his clemency petition and even spoke at his hearing in his behalf and still supports him. No one opposed his clemency petition. Governor Chris Gregoire denied his clemency request giving no reason for her decision. All at a time when the state is deeply in the red. Aaron has served 14 years and should be released so he can work and pay taxes instead of being a burden to taxpayers.