To: The Michigan State House, The Michigan State Senate, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Close "Dark Store" Tax Assessment Loophole

Please support legislation that will close the loophole that allows businesses to pay 1/3 of the tax assessed values that require huge budget cuts to publicly funded programs and services essential to thriving communities.

Why is this important?

This petition was created because legislation is needed to stop businesses from taking advantage of the loophole that allows for unreasonable and incomparable decreases in property taxes and is a violation of the state tax law. These tax cuts require budget cuts to publicly funded programs and services such as education, libraries, road maintenance and repair, search and rescue, senior services, veterans affairs and recreational facilities that support thriving communities.


Reasons for signing

  • This loophole is destroying our schools, libraries and other public services and is only giving more money to huge big box stores and businesses.
  • corporations need to pay their fair share of services received.
  • Macomb County is faces with at least a half-dozen tax repeal cases to be decided on Dec 2015 docket. This is devastating to our community economy.