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To: Wisconsin Legislature

Close Wisconsin's Domestic Violence Loophole and Disarm Domestic Abusers

I am writing in support of domestic violence victims and survivors. I strongly urge you to close Wisconsin’s domestic violence loophole.

In 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Wisconsin's existing laws could no longer be used to disarm many domestic abusers. Not surprisingly, the most recent report from End Abuse Wisconsin shows that domestic violence related homicides have increased dramatically and that 88.5% of those homicides were committed with a gun.

Americans -- including gun owners and non-gun owners, Republicans and Democrats -- are overwhelmingly in support of disarming domestic abusers.

As your constituent, I strongly urge you to prioritize victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Why is this important?

Wisconsin has a domestic violence crisis. Federally, people convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor are barred from owning a gun. However, a deadly loophole created by a 2022 ruling of the Wisconsin Supreme Court makes it impossible to enforce this in Wisconsin. This must change. We must side with victims and survivors of domestic violence – not their abusers.

The same year this new loophole went into effect, Wisconsin saw an unprecedented level of domestic violence. In just one year, the number of domestic violence homicides rose by 20%. And Wisconsin already had one of the highest rates of women murdered by men in the country. That is why our legislators must act immediately.

Join WAVE in creating a safer Wisconsin. Demand that our state legislators close Wisconsin’s domestic violence loophole and disarm domestic abusers.





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