To: Governor Jared Polis

Coloradans Need Health Care NOW! Full Care, For All, For Less

I want affordable, quality health care for all Coloradans. We need it now. We cannot wait.

Why is this important?

In Colorado, spending what we do now or less, we can have full health care for everyone, with better outcomes. Coloradans deserves to have affordable, quality health care. Every taxpayer and business needs relief from escalating insurance costs. We need to pay for our health care in a way that is efficient, transparent and accountable to us - the residents of Colorado. We need Colorado money to stay in Colorado and to create Colorado jobs. 

The Federal health reform legislation won't get us there. Coloradans need to take health reform into our own hands. Vermont is creating a universal, affordable health care system, and Colorado can also if we all work together. We need to tell the governor and legislators that Coloradans need more than incremental improvements. Tell them that we'll help them do what's right: affordable, quality, sustainable health care for all Colorado residents. 

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