To: Senator Jack Brandenburg, Chair, Senate Finance Committee and Representative Jeff Farrington, Chair, House Tax Policy Committee

Combat "Dark Store" Tax Rulings, Support HB 4909 and SB 524

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Our local governments are losing millions of dollars in taxes because "big box" retailers are unfairly having their property assessments slashed through appeals. Lawmakers from both parties introduced bills aimed at stopping the reduced assessments. Support HB 4909 and SB 524.

Why is this important?

The result of the dark stores rulings reduces the stores' taxable value by 50% or more. This takes away local control of funding. Key services to citizens are being severely impacted: libraries, fire protection, search and rescue, sheriff/police services, roads, veterans, recreational, public transit, schools and seniors.

Upper Peninsula lawmakers have been working on this problem since 2011-12, but previous legislation never got out of committee. Our communities are suffering and we need to convince committee members to support all Michigan communities through solid tax legislation and updated Tax Tribunal policies.


Reasons for signing

  • I have had a vacant house for 7 years and I did not receive a reduction on my taxes, why should a corporation.
  • Very confused as to why they would not be required to pay their fair share. I pay my taxes. Why should they not pay theirs? Do they not enjoy and also benefit by the roads being plowed in front of their businesses?
  • Allowing big box retailers to pay less than their fair tax using the "dark store" tax loophole is devestating to local comminities, forcing libraries, police and other emergency service es to make severe cuts in their ability to serve aand protect those local communities. Let Michigan follow the model of Indiana in not allowing these retailers to slash their fair propety assessments.