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Comcast Data Limit Trials

Stop the comcast monopoly home broadband data caps. Recently expanding its trial 300GB monthly data cap in several cities, it's not about congestion management, but "fairness"

Why is this important?

Comcast Quote "Our data plan trials are part of our ongoing effort to create a fair, technologically-sound policy in which customers who use more data pay more, and customers who use less pay less".

As reported by "If data caps don't improve network reliability or performance, why does Comcast now see the need to charge customers more for the same data they've been using for years? Since there's such scarce competition in the US cable industry, the answer is likely quite simple: because Comcast can."


Comcast attempts to enforce Data Limits or "CAPS" to customers in areas without competitive options should be stopped. Fair options are pay per mg/usage or allow the millions that under utilize the service pay for the 1% of those that overuse the service.


Reasons for signing

  • Fuck Comcast
  • This I can personally vouch for, the datacap limit on xfinity/comcast's services is beyond unfair, especially in my case where I do a lot of online gaming. My computers hard drive is small and I have to redownload stuff a lot due to not having an external hard drive. The data cap is costing us money. And it's completely UNFAIR. The only one this helps is Comcasts wallet.
  • Comcast maintains monopoly status and has zero outside checks and balances, to legitimize their claims. In private trials, we came to see their numbers weren’t accurate or even close. They continue to rake in billions from customers, even though ‘caps,’ are completely unnecessary and have nothing to do with congestion. Please stop Comcast from continuing to rob unsuspecting customers as well as those of us who are aware but have no avenue to take action. Thank you so much for working on behal...

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