To: Steven Tambini, Executive Director, Delaware River Basin Commission

Come To Me, DRBC

We the undersigned are calling for separate DRBC and FERC hearings on the PennEast pipeline and are calling on you to hold hearings in 7 towns along the pipeline route.

We are taking you are your word, that when it comes to considering the PennEast Pipeline proposal you are “committed to a public process that affords interested persons an opportunity to comment on issues of concern to them” and to an “efficient’ use of public resources.

The best way to accommodate the most people with the least travel is for your DRBC team of just a few to travel to our communities of thousands and to give us the time to be heard.

The best way to ensure we have a full and fair opportunity to be heard is to let us speak directly to DRBC about DRBC regulations, mission and mandates and for us not to have to be burdened with speaking to FERC during the same time limit.

Why is this important?

Challenge: Set your kitchen timer for two minutes and then say out loud all of your concerns about the PennEast pipeline.

If you're like me, you didn't get very far before the bell rang. And yet the Delaware River Basin Commission thinks that two minutes is enough time to share all of your concerns with them AND with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission!

That's right! DRBC is proposing a combined DRBC/FERC hearing that would allow a mere two minutes to make your comment.

And let’s be honest, while DRBC is making a decision about whether to allow PennEast to cut through our communities; FERC is just deciding how it is going to go about approving it.

We need a full opportunity for DRBC to hear us – two minutes just isn’t enough.

DRBC says they're thinking of you — they want to cut down on the number of hearings you have to attend.

They don't understand that you need every second you can get to make the case to save your families, your property, your communities and your environment!

Let’s take DRBC at their word — If it's your convenience they're so concerned with, we're urging you to say, "Come to me, DRBC!" Tell DRBC that you want separate hearings for DRBC and FERC and you want DRBC to schedule hearings in at least 7 towns along the pipeline route.