To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Comprehensive Outpatient Dental Care for All Veterans Enrolled in VA Health Care System

How can someone eat properly and be in good health if they have rotting teeth and jaw? We should not have to determine who is a veteran by looking at their rotted teeth. The VA can not be noted as being a World-Class medical provider without this complete dental service being universally provided, rather than to the rare few as it is currently.

Why is this important?

I've recently been rejected three times by the Veterans Administration (VA) for restorative work on my rotted teeth and jaw. I believe that I am qualified for such care under the law already in existence, but the VA disagrees. In addition to me, there are probably up to 8.6 million veterans in the VA Healthcare System who are receiving no dental care whatsoever, and the very rare few (perhaps up to 5 percent) who are receiving very substandard dental care. This needs to end, and veterans and those who agree with this petition need to sign it and pass it on.