To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Congress: Defend the Iran Deal

Congress should defend the nuclear agreement signed by the US, our allies, and Iran. This deal is a rare opportunity to resolve one of America’s biggest security concerns through diplomacy, not war.

Why is this important?

Last September, we secured a major diplomatic victory when Congress voted to uphold the nuclear deal reached by the UK, France, Germany, China, Russia, the US, and Iran. Since then, huge progress has been made in rolling back Iran's nuclear program.

Sadly, war hawks in Congress aren't giving up. They have made clear that they will treat the Iran Deal as they have treated the Affordable Care Act: with endless, partisan vote after endless, partisan vote to kill the deal. We must send a strong message to Congress that this behavior is not acceptable. Especially during an election year, we cannot let political interests trump national security.


Reasons for signing

  • Let's keep signing people. This petition will save millions of lives buy preventing a war.
  • End the Iran Deal and Stop helping Oppressive Regime
  • I am an american, iranian , escaped the regime more than 30 years ago . I can write books about how iranian government is been , first hand experience. But i heard what my country today is asking Iran and i am %100 behind it because you can not trust none of the government officials ,. And the people in Iran demanding changes if we stand by them. Thank you ,,GOD BLESS U.S.A